Kagi has no ads and is fully supported only by its users. We worked very hard to provide high quality, fast and tracking-free results at a minimum cost to ensure sustainability of our operation.

By choosing a paid Kagi plan, you are also helping accelerate our mission of humanizing the web.

One time 100 searches
  • Ad based search engines make almost $300 a year off their users. Explore what search built with your best interest in mind looks like

    Google generated $76 billion in US ad revenue in 2023 [1]. Google had 274 million unique visitors in the US as of February 2023 [2].

    To estimate the revenue per user, we can divide the 2023 US ad revenue by the 2023 number of users: $76 billion / 274 million = $277 revenue per user in the US.

    [1] U.S. Google ad revenue
    [2] Google - Statistics & Facts

  • Upgrade to a Kagi membership when you are ready
$5 /per month
300 searches per month
$10 /per month
Unlimited searches
  • Kagi search engine, unlimited edition
$25 /per month
Access to our most advanced features
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Kagi supports alternative payment methods like Paypal or OpenNode. These payment methods will not create a subscription and can be used to top off your account with credits, which will then be used to fund your Kagi membership.
Frequently asked questions:
Why should I pay for search?

Kagi is a premium search engine dedicated to humanizing the web and empowering users to take control of their search experience.

While mainstream search engines generate approximately 5-10 cents per search through advertising revenue, Kagi offers an ad-free alternative that prioritizes users' best interests. By charging a nominal fee for searches, Kagi ensures that its search results are faster, more accurate, and completely respectful of your privacy.

By aligning our incentives with those of our users, Kagi is committed to building a better, more ethical future for ourselves and our children on the web.

You can learn more in our Why pay for search article.

What are the limitations of the Trial plan?

Trial plan has a limit of 100 searches and 10 interactions with Kagi AI tools. You will still be able to try all of Kagi's features.

I have more questions!

See our FAQ or feel free to reach out at