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  • Ad based search engines make almost $300 a year off their users. Explore what search built with your best interest in mind looks like

    Google generated $76 billion in US ad revenue in 2023 [1]. Google had 274 million unique visitors in the US as of February 2023 [2].

    To estimate the revenue per user, we can divide the 2023 US ad revenue by the 2023 number of users: $76 billion / 274 million = $277 revenue per user in the US.

    [1] U.S. Google ad revenue
    [2] Google - Statistics & Facts

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Frequently asked questions:
Why should I pay for search?

Great question! Please see our Why pay for search page.

What are the limitations of the Trial plan?

Trial plan has a limit of 100 searches and 10 interactions with Kagi AI tools. You will still be able to try all of Kagi's features.

I have more questions!

See our FAQ or feel free to reach out at