Kagi has no ads and is fully supported only by its users. We worked very hard to provide high quality, fast and tracking-free results at a minimum cost to ensure sustainability of our operation.

By choosing a paid Kagi plan you are helping accelerate our mission of humanizing the web. Kagi also pledges 5% of its profits to supporting non-profit organizations for a more humane internet.

Individual plans

Memberships intended for individual use only. Pricing subject to change (see Terms of Service.)

For enterprise plans or any pricing questions please get in touch with

Team plans

USD $19
USD $0.025
per search
  • Ad-free, private search
  • Unlimited users, pay for only what they use
  • Fast, more accurate results
  • Share Kagi customizations among team members
Frequently asked questions:
What is the limit of the free plan?

Free plan is currently limited to 50 searches per month, reset every 30 days.

Will you have a family plan?

Yes, in the future we will also offer the family plan. It will allow for adding multiple accounts under the same billing. And it will include powerful options for kids (Kagi for Kids) including control over the acceptable content.

Will you have an enterprise plan?

Yes, the Enterprise plan will include unlimited users, features to share settings among users, single sign on and a flat pay per use fee.

Why does Kagi cost USD $10/month?

Our proposed price is dictated by the fact that search has a non zero cost. With other search engines, advertisers cover this cost. But it costs us about $1 to process 80 searches.

Someone searching 8 times a day would perform about 240 searches a month, costing us $3. An average Kagi beta user is actually searching about 30 times a day. At USD $10/month, the price does not even cover our cost for average use, and we are basically betting that average use will go down a bit with time because during beta people may be searching more than normal due to testing etc.

Our goal is to find the minimum price at which we can sustain the business. If it turns out that we have more room we will decrease it. But it can also be that we may need to increase it.

The free plan will be limited to 50 searches a month (and this too has to be paid by paying customers which makes the above math even harder).

Keyboard shortcuts
? Toggle open/close this keyboard shortcut help screen
j / arrowdown Move highlight down a result
k / arrowup Move highlight up a result
h / arrowleft Move left within horizontal inline content, or change boost/ban status in site info modal
l / arrowright Move right within horizontal inline content, or change boost/ban status in site info modal
enter Go to highlighted result
(or open first result, which would be highlighted)
/ Focus the search bar
Escape Reset highlight scroll state to first result, or close site info modal
Shift + ~ Open control center
s Open site info modal on the currently highlighted result if applicable, or close it if already open.
w Open web search tab
i Open images tab
v Open videos tab
m Open maps tab
n Open news tab
] Cycle forward between navigation tabs
[ Cycle backwards between navigation tabs
Search operators
filetype: Returns only search results that match a particular file extension
site: Returns only search results from a particular website
inurl: Finds webpages whose URL contains the terms or phrases
intitle: Finds webpages whose title contains the terms or phrases
“words” Finds the exact words in a phrase
() Finds or excludes webpages that contain a group of words.
AND Finds webpages that contain either of the terms or phrases, for example “food (cat OR dog)”.
+ and - Finds webpages that contain or exclude a term or phrase for example “food +cat -dog”.
OR Finds webpages that contain either of the terms or phrases for example “food (cat OR dog)”.
* Matches any word for example “first * array”. Try it!
Query Shortcuts & Widgets
!bang We support all of DuckDuckGo's bangs.
query !
Opens the first result of the search.
!k Bang that performs a Kagi Search
!i Bang that performs a Kagi Image search
!v Bang that performs a Kagi Video search
!n Bang that performs a Kagi News search
!m Bang that performs a Kagi Maps search
calc Open Computer widget. Performs math calculations, unit, and currency conversions. Will open automatically when you search for a calculation. Try it!
ip address Check your IP address. Try it!
timer / stopwatch Open Timer & Stopwatch widget. Try it!
translate Open language translation widget. Try it!