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Search reimagined.
Unique results
Privacy by design
Fastest in the world
Quality first.
100% ad-free results.

We take you to the best information, not one that further monetizes you.

Our own index shows unique results from high-quality, non-commercial sources infused with results from best engines.
Respectful and trustworthy.
Refuses to be influenced by advertising.

Does not track you, does not attempt to influence your behaviour.

No telemetry, Kagi listens only to your feedback.
Fast and lightweight.
No ads, no bloat, pure results.

Fastest loading times in the industry.

Be snappy and responsive on every device, anywhere you go.
Great search experience.
Here you are not the product, the search experience is.

Mute or prefer websites in your results.

Customize the look or customize your searches with lenses.
Unlocks your intelligence.
The search engine you use is a tool that helps you learn and discover. It should make you smarter.

It should be used as a friendly companion that will help you be more interested and creative.

It should work in your favour by inspiring you to think better and search deeper.

It should be Kagi, because that’s exactly what it does.
Tools and Features

Lenses - your own search engine inside a search engine
Personalized Results
We encourage you to evaluate and change results.

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Kagi has been built to let people explore and discover the content on their own. A search engine envisioned as a tool for the user, not for the advertiser. A true search companion.
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